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Volition Games, the developer of Saints Row has been shut down.

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Volition Games

Volition Games has shut down the studio that created Saints Row, Red Faction and other franchises.The news broke first on when several employees posted that they were let go, and that the studio had closed. Volition stated in an official statement posted on the Studio’s website that Embracer Group (the Swedish holding company which purchased the studio in 2018) forced the studio to cease operation as part of Embracer Group’s company-wide reorganization. Volition’s farewell message is as follows:

Embracer’s restructuring was caused by the collapse of a $2 billion proposed partnership with Savvy Games Group. A Saudi Arabian funded organization pulled out of the deal back in May. Embracer’s stock value plummeted, forcing the company to cut costs after spending years buying a variety of entertainment IPs and game studios.

In an open letter, Embracer CEO Lars Wingefors outlined plans to “make the company leaner, stronger, and more focused and self-sufficient.” This included plans to sell or close some of its studios as well as halting development projects and other cost-savings measures. Volition is one of the early casualties of this restructuring.

Volition Games

Volition has closed its doors after celebrating 30 years as a game studio. It began with the Descent franchise (released by Voliton under its original name, Parallax Software), and released cult favourites such as Summoner. The Red Faction series was a major hit in the 2000s. Volition launched the Xbox 360 era with Saints Row. A GTA-inspired franchise, it would gain a steady following and develop a distinct identity until reaching its peak with Saints Row: The Third.

The studio hit a rough patch after the release of Saints Row IV. In 2017, it tried a new IP, Agents of Mayhem. The game was poorly received and had disappointing sales. The 2022 Saints Row Reboot received mixed reviews from fans, and sales were so low that Embracer sold the studio to Gearbox. It’s not clear what will happen to Saints Row and Red Faction as well as the other franchises that were under the umbrella of the studio.

Volition Games

Volition’s games and series have had a positive impact on the industry, even if the last few decades weren’t the best for it.

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