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The crew Motorfest Gold Edition-Last Call for Gamers

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the crew motorfest gold edition

Are you ready to take to the road and get lost in the pulsating world of car culture? This year’s Crew(tm) Motorfest is here to provide an adrenaline-inducing driving experience unlike any other. Be prepared to discover the beautiful open space that is O’ahu in Hawaii race in thrilling races and enjoy all the aspects of car culture. However, there’s more – make a pre-order to get the Gold and Ultimate Edition, and you will be able to rev your engine 3 days before!


Motorfest isn’t just another race event, it’s an all-year celebration that showcases the best that car culture offers. From street races at high speed through the busy downtown of Honolulu to off-road excursions on the volcanic slopes Every spin of the wheel will be the best experience ever.


The Crew(tm) Motorfest sets its stage on the idyllic island of O’ahu, Hawaii. Get ready to be amazed by the breathtaking scenery as you travel on the roads, try your skill on difficult terrains, and take on every curve of the track. The colorful Hawaiian open space is eager for you to explore.


Take a dive into the rich collection of automotive culture by taking part in an array of exciting driving experiences. You can choose the way you’d like to spend your time with your car. Explore playlists and take part in themes that will take you to some of the world’s most thrilling automobile culture worlds, including American muscle street racing in Japanese style and the legendary cars of the past.

the crew motorfest gold edition

Pre-Order for Exclusive Benefits

  • The Toyota GR Supra 2021 LBWK Edition. 
  • An avatar outfit pack (body and hat). 
  • Two customization vanities (underglow and tire).
the crew motorfest gold edition

As a pre-purchase offer, you’ll receive the Liberty Walk Pack, granting you 30 days of exclusive access to even more content, including an avatar outfit pack, two customization vanities (underglow and tire), and more. Master every driving challenge at Motorfest with this offer!

Motorfest Gold Edition Releasing date:

the crew motorfest gold edition

Take part in thrilling driving competitions show off your distinctive design, and collect the most famous car ever made. Your aim? to create a collection with iconic cars that will turn anyone who loves cars green in jealousy.

The engines are roaring and the countdown to the event has begun. This Crew(tm) Motorfest Gold Edition is your ticket to the most thrilling driving experience. Get it now and be prepared to take the road on the 11th of September 8am UTC.

Pre-Order The Crew™ Motorfest Gold Edition Now


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