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Front Mission 2: Remake Heads West For The First Time In Early October

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Front Mission 2

In a Nintendo Direct presentation back in February 2022, exciting news was revealed: the first three classic Front Mission games were set to receive modern remakes exclusively for the Switch. The initial remake, Front Mission 1st: Remake, landed in stores last November, and now, after almost a year’s anticipation, we have a confirmed release date for Front Mission 2’s remake.  Mark your calendars for October 5, as that’s when Front Mission 2 Remake is scheduled to launch. This date comes after a slight delay from its previously announced June 12 release.

The significance of Front Mission 2’s revival cannot be overstated, as the game had never made its way outside of Japan since its original 1997 release. Set 12 years after the events of Front Mission 1st, the game follows the story of Ash, an O.C.U. soldier. Ash’s journey unfolds as he attempts to flee the turmoil in the nation of Alordesh, now under the control of a revolutionary group. Along the way, he stumbles upon a much larger conspiracy that unravels before him. You can catch a glimpse of the game’s storyline in the trailer below.

The remake of Front Mission 2 comes packed with a host of new features and improvements. Notably, loading times have been significantly reduced, addressing a major criticism of the original version. Players will also enjoy the freedom of manipulating the camera, enhancing their gameplay experience. 


The soundtrack has been lovingly revamped to deliver a fresh auditory experience. Additionally, there are new options for customizing coloring and camouflage, letting players tailor their experience further. For a wider audience reach, the remake includes expanded language support.  All of these exciting enhancements come at a price of $34.99. If you’re a fan of classic game remakes, you can keep yourself updated on other upcoming projects by checking out our comprehensive list.  Stay tuned for the return of Front Mission 2 in its stunning new avatar, arriving this October 5th.

Front Mission 2

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