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Alone in the Dark Postponed till January

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Alone in the Dark

This year, the reimagining Alone in the Dark will skip Halloween. The survival horror game will arrive on January 16 instead of October 25.

Pieces Interactive explains the decision in a press release: they don’t want to compete with other big October games like Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 or Alan Wake 2, another horror game.

“Our goal is to avoid the competition that will follow Alan’s epic release, and to avoid the glittering skyline of cities decorated with the graceful swings from Spider-Man.” We aim to be as Alone in Dark as we can. The spine-chilling horror has been rescheduled for January 16th 2024. This extension will serve two purposes: it will allow us to perfect our gaming experience and also give us the chance to immerse ourselves fully in the amazing releases of October.”

Alone in the Dark

Studio also released a trailer featuring David Harbour as Edward Carnby. The video showcases his impressive facial capture and performance.

Alone in the Dark, a modernized remake of the survival horror classic from 1992, stars Jodie Comer as Emily Hartwood while David Harbour plays detective Edward Carnby. The players control a character who explores the haunted Derceto Hospital to solve a sinister puzzle. Both scenarios offer different story lines and moments.

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